• WBSM Closing March 17th, 2018

    Dear WBSM Students and Families,

    It is with sadness the board of directors announces the closing of West Bank School of Music. We want to thank you all for your support over the years.

    The community has several organizations currently serving in the spirit of the original WBSM mission. What once made us unique has diminished and our offering is now part of a very competitive environment. We have come to recognize that our collective energy and resources are not enough to sustain the school.  

    We are so proud to have been part of the long legacy of West Bank School of Music and the accomplishments you’ve helped us create. In our nearly 48 years, we have:

    • Been a part of tens of thousands of students’ lives through lessons, group classes and outreach programs
    • Supported the professional development of hundreds of music teachers, performers and instructors
    • Provided a source of education and musical inspiration to the communities in which we’ve operated
    • Delivered countless live performances through the many recitals, concerts, fundraisers and community events we’ve sponsored

    We are committed to ensuring our students and families maintain relationships with West Bank instructors and continue to work with them in a capacity that makes sense for both. We welcome the opportunity to provide guidance as you continue to maintain your current instruction or wish to find a new place to continue your music education.

    Although the physical school will no longer be in existence, we have hope that all who’ve been through the doors will carry on the legacy and spirit of West Bank through their own musical endeavors.

    We plan to remain open and will continue with lessons through Saturday, March 17.

    The scholarship funds will be honored and distributed in accordance with their governing terms and managed by the committee led by Sarah Cagley.

    David will continue to be your contact for lessons, student transitions, administrative and facility questions.

    Kimberly Mosford will be the contact for any questions regarding outside communications and press inquiries. She can be reached at 612-202-5219.

    Thank you again and please reach out with any questions or feedback.


    West Bank School of Music Board of Directors, Staff and Instructors