• Alice Browne - Voice, Music Therapy

  • Alice Browne has been working as a Music Therapist and performing as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and fiddler at local venues throughout Minnesota and the metro area for over 30 years. Alice received a B.S. in Music Therapy from Augsburg College in 1984. In 2013 she received a Mastery of Sound Healing through Normandale Community College. Alice also has training and experience as an actor and director in musical theater.

    Alice’s passion for people and the arts combined with her training in healing make her keenly sensitive to the needs and wants of her Voice Students. Each lesson is customized to the needs and desires of the student, coaching in whatever genre of singing the student most enjoys.

    Alice has taught Voice for the past 7 years at Simple Song Studio, her private practice. Her strong desire to help students “find their voice” on many levels and connect to their creativity is accomplished with tailored use of visual arts as supplemental learning aides. In addition to applying technical aspects of breath, (including some basic Qi Gong practices) tone, and music theory, Alice’s unique application of various creative processes - from painting with water color to making an oil pastel mandala - reinforce her teaching and make lessons fun and uplifting opportunities for personal growth.